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05/05 - 06/15新型冠狀病毒感染情況



1.  因應新型冠狀病毒感染情況的最新發展,救世軍屬下中學、小學、特殊學校、幼稚園及幼兒學校已按照教育局指引,小四及小六停課至二零二零年六月八日, 小一及小三停課至二零二零年六月十五日。

2.  停課期間,學校會加強學校環境衛生,包括徹底清潔校園,使用適當消毒劑消毒學校設施,以確保環境清潔衞生。學校亦會善用這段時間為日後復課做好準備。

3.  學校亦會適時通知家長有關情況及提醒家長、學生及職工保持良好個人及環境衛生,避免到人多擠迫的環境或疫情嚴重的地區。

4.  我們關心學生及職工的健康。學校會加強通報機制,如學生 / 職工出現任何相關症狀,請立即諮詢醫生,並盡快聯絡學校,定時更新及報告個人狀況,以便跟進。如有需要,可尋求學校支援。

5.  我們密切留意疫情發展及相關政府政策局/部門進一步的防疫指引,如學校受疫情影響而未能如期復課,將因應情況而進一步作出適當調配及安排,並會盡快通知學生及職工。

6.  復課後,學校會繼續加強學校環境衛生,及加強衛生教育,並鼓勵學生及職工配載口罩,提醒學生及職工時刻注意個人衛生。

7.  復課後,如發現學生 / 職工出現任何相關症狀,學校會密切跟進,並會加強學校環境消毒及衛生,作出適切安排。


Statements to the development of the novel coronavirus

Educational Services

1.  In response to the latest development of the novel coronavirus, all schools of The Salvation Army, including secondary school, primary schools, special school, kindergartens and nursery schools, P4-P6 have suspended classes till 8 June 2020 and P1-P3 have suspended classes till 15 June 2020 , as instructed by The Education Bureau.

2. During the class suspension period, our schools will intensify and ensure a hygienic environment, including a thorough cleaning of the premises and apply appropriate disinfectants to sterilise school facilities. Our schools will also make good preparation for the upcoming class resumption.

3.  Our schools will inform parents, students and staff of the development from time to time, and remind them to maintain their personal hygiene and avoid areas that are overcrowded or greatly infected by the epidemic.

4.  The health of our students and staff is our utmost concern. Our schools will strengthen our notification mechanism. If students / staff have symptoms associated with the epidemic infection, they are advised to seek medical consultation and inform the schools immediately. They are also encouraged to update the schools of their status from time to time. If necessary, the schools can provide support to individuals.

5.  We pay close attention to the epidemic development and any upcoming measures / regulations launched by the Government. If class resumption is further deferred due to the epidemic, we will make further appropriate manpower deployment and arrangement, and inform our students and staff thereof as soon as possible.

6.  After classes resume, our schools will continue to maintain an hygienic environment, enhance health education, encourage students and staff to always wear masks and remind them to pay attention to personal hygiene at all times.

7.  After classes are resumed, if any students / staff are discovered to have symptoms associated with the epidemic infection, the schools will closely follow up the cases, intensify cleaning and disinfection of the school campuses, and make necessary arrangements.

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